Sunday, November 13, 2011

For all of the insomniacs out there...

Does anyone else have trouble falling asleep (especially on Sunday nights)? Well I for one do. Lately though when I find myself laying in bed tired but unable to actually fall asleep, I've tried some of the deep breathing we do in yoga and it's really worked! Even if you despise yoga as exercise, give the following a shot. It's honestly so relaxing. I promise there isn't any weird chanting involved.

Full Yogic breathing
This combines the above 2 steps in the following way:
First inhale by filling the abdomen and then CONTINUE inhaling as you expand and fill the chest. Then exhale first from the chest as it empties and falls and then CONTINUE exhaling from the abdomen as it draws inwards completely. This is one round of the full yogic breath. Repeat this for 20 rounds.
Remember the pattern… Inhaling - abdomen then chest; Exhaling – chest then abdomen.
GOLDEN RULE: All of the above steps should be done WITHOUT strain. The natural tendency is to heave with effort. The right way is to make it smooth and effortless. Go slow and easy.

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