Friday, October 18, 2013

Oh and one more thing...

While I despise Miley, I am obsessed with Wrecking Ball and I stumbled upon this Mumford and Sons/ Miley collab and LOVE. Yeah the dancing is a little creepy, but I secretly wish I could do what that girl can so I'm a little jeal.

Fatty Friday

Whipped up some pretty delice mac n' cheese last night. I attempted to make it psuedo healthy (very pseudo), so browsed my options on the good old interweb. Turns out butternut squash makes a delightful base flavor for the cheese sauce, so no butter needed! Here's what I did:

Boiled about half of a butternut squash (cubed it first) in unsweetened almond milk with a few sprigs of thyme and a veggie bouillon cube for about 15 minutes. 

I then shredded some raw goat milk cheddar cheese and Pecorino Romano*. Probably about 1/3 cup in all. 

Threw the boiled squash/ almond milk mixture in the blender with a few tbs. of riccotta cheese and my shredded cheese mix. 

Took my brown rice macaroni noodles** and coated them with the cheese sauce and voila! Big hit with the fam, especially my four year old Olivia and only took about 20 minutes in all. 

You could totally bake this in the oven for a little after you coat your noodles and maybe throw some bread crumbs and fried sage on top. I would have loved to do that, but my whiney kids prevailed. Perhaps in a few years :)

*I favor goat based dairy over cow because I think I digest it better. I also try to buy raw cheeses when I can because they still have all of the digestive enzymes in tact. Pasteurized dairy products do not. 
**Definitely can use whatever noodles you want to here. I just try to avoid gluten.